Tesla Model Y: My 6 months impressions

I have the Model Y now for 6 months. Here is what I think about it after six months of daily drive.

Tesla Model Y: My 6 months impressions

I have the Model Y now for 6 months. As some of you know, I wrote a first impression that I wrote the week after I got my new Tesla. Here is what I think about the Model Y (2023 made) after six months of daily drive:

  • Suspension is semi-bad. I thought I could get used to it, but nope. It's stiff and I don't like it. I wish it had an air suspension. The moment I drive another car, I feel how bad the suspension is.
  • It sucks not being able to open the glovebox directly. I don't understand why it's an electrical button on the dashboard. It makes zero sense.
  • We love the scheduled climate feature. Here in Ankara, it's cold in the winter. It can get to -20 Celsius, but most of the time it's around -10 to 5 Celsius. Because we drive the kids to school, it comes in handy to go to a warm car and drive them.
  • On the weekends I drive my son to sports activities. The sitting area in the venue is bad, and I made a habit of having my cup of coffee, and sitting in my Tesla, watching TV shows, reading books, or using my iPad (I'm currently writing this from my Tesla!). It's nice to warm up the car during the winter or turn on the AC during the hot times. I never imagined sitting in a car for leisure but having this ability is nice.
  • There are no front sensors. I knew it when I bought the Model Y. They had sensors previously, but they decided to remove them because they said their Vision feature which solely relies on cameras is superior. They are not. It's so bad, that we scratched the front bumper slightly. Luckily it was a small scratch.
  • I didn't have as much of a problem with the wipers as people have reported. However, they are not consistent. I usually start them manually, but most of the time they work as intended.
  • Having driver profiles is a godsend. I love how the Tesla adjusts the seats, mirrors, and everything else for my needs. This comes in handy as we constantly change the cars with my wife.
  • After certain software updates, the car's setting would be somehow reverted back to their original. This doesn't happen often times, but it happens and some of them are really scary. As an example, we turn off the children's door, and after an update, it gets reverted back to the original. We discovered it when our son suddenly opened the rear door on his side.
  • Keyless car opening is a hit or miss. Most of the time, the door handle never engages. I have to manually unlock my iPhone, the Model Y can detect my iPhone. I don't know if this is an iPhone or car issue, but this is annoying when it's raining outside, or if I don't have my iPhone at a handy place.
  • I've got used to the fast acceleration. I no longer use it to drive fast, but it's handy to overtake a vehicle.
  • I never used the autopilot extensively. I think it's bad compared to other cars. Initially, I thought Tesla's autopilot was superior, but the more I engaged with it, the more I understood it was poorly limited. It breaks, doesn't let you increase the speed, and I have to always engage it again because it constantly disengages. The user experience is worse than my previous Mercedes EQC 400 or Audi A7.
  • We pay significantly less compared to our old ICE car. Gas was 8x more expensive. We pay around $25 monthly for electricity, whereas the gas costs were around $200 monthly (Turkey, Ankara). It makes so much to use an EV car. This is not Model Y related, but something we loved over the 6 months.
  • Not having to stop at a gas station, and being able to charge at home is comfortable. And once you get used to it, it feels weird to stop at a gas station to fill your car.
  • Six months passed, and I still miss physical buttons. Especially to quickly change the AC or change the volume of the music.
  • I love that I can search my direction via Google Maps on my phone, and then share it with my Tesla. It makes navigating in unknown cities a breeze.

Overall, we're happy with the Model Y. However I think the Model Y doesn't provide any groundbreaking features. It's heavily marketed and I feel like it's an OK car. I have many things that I interact with daily that bring me pure joy. The Model Y is a hit or miss in that aspect. And hence it doesn't provide me any big reason to love it.

It's very good as a utility car though, and it gets its job done with no issues. Would I buy it again? Yes. But is it something that I want to keep for years, I'm not sure. I've heard the new Model 3 and the Model S have better improvements compared to the Model Y. Maybe future models will be better, we'll see.