A new home for my blog

A new home for my blog

Some news about this website you're just reading.

I migrated my Blog's infrastructure from a custom Hugo setup and Cloudflare Pages to Ghost.org (Pro). So I'm not in the business of maintaining my Hugo setup anymore. I wanted to switch to a self-hosted platform for a long time but couldn't justify it.

However, in recent weeks, I spent more time tweaking my Blog than spending time, you know, writing blog posts. Many things annoyed me personally using a static hosted blog; some of them were:

  • No proper editor to write on-the-fly. You'll have to use your computer or a customized iPad set up to publish a blog post. I remember not writing any blog posts because this process was cumbersome.
  • For features like Memberships, Subscribers, and even a simple RSS feed, you'll have to implement them manually with care. It's not like a button you can enable.
  • Responsive design, Twitter cards, SEO metadata, etc.. are all handled automatically. I don't have to do anything at all; it works out of the box.
  • Adding images requires you to host them somewhere. I was adding them as a blob to my Git repo; however, I also had to resize them manually every time. Hugo has many features even to automize images on the fly, but those still require you to implement them yourself.
  • The constant maintenance and fixing of deprecation warnings take time. My primary goal is to write content; I don't want to spend time maintaining a personal website. I'm more than happy to pay and delegate it to others who are in the business of serving people like me.
The look of my new Blog, using the "Solo" Theme

So, I picked up the newly released "Solo" blog theme and slightly customized it, and it looks great and works for my content. I migrated all my blog posts. The URL scheme is the same, so all the old references should work with no issues. If you see anything broken, please let me know.

This new environment and blogging infrastructure will make posting content more accessible and enjoyable. And I hope you welcome these changes as it means more content in the long run.